Join Mozilla in telling major companies to #StopHateForProfit

Facebook has a major problem with hate speech and disinformation on its platform. Mozilla is calling on Mozilla's peers — tech companies and companies that rely heavily on the internet in their core business — who are among Facebook's top advertisers to pull their ads from Facebook.

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Protests, the Pandemic, and Misinformation: A June 30 Virtual Panel

by Mozilla on June 24, 2020

Why can’t we trust online platforms when we need them most? What are platforms doing to address the spread of mis- and disinformation? And which communities are most impacted by this problem? We talk about the impact fake news has had on the recent Black Lives Matter protests and Covid-19 pandemic.


Which Video Call Apps Can You Trust?

by Ashley Boyd on April 28, 2020

A record number of people are using video call apps to conduct business, teach classes, meet with doctors, and stay in touch with friends. It’s more important than ever for this technology to be trustworthy — but some apps don't always respect users’ privacy and security. Our guide to popular video call apps’ privacy and security features and flaws will give you the information needed to choose which apps you're comfortable with — and to avoid the creepy ones.

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Getting to Know Pollicy, the Creators of Choose Your Own Fake News

by Xavier Harding on June 11, 2020


Tips to Make Your Zoom Gatherings More Private

by Kaili Lambe on April 3, 2020

With millions of people using Zoom to stay connected, it's important to know how to keep your video gatherings as private and secure as you can. That's why Mozilla has compiled recommendations and steps you can take – both as a host and a participant – to help protect your own privacy as well as that of others.

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*Privacy Not Included

Smart speakers, fitness trackers, security cams, & wireless headphones are cool. Are they creepy too? Check the privacy and security of products before you buy them.

*Privacy Not Included guide

Ring: stop sharing info with police

Amazon and others are halting their facial recognition programs. If Amazon is really serious about its new police policies, it must extend the moratorium to include Ring.

Tell Amazon to sever its law enforcement ties

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