Join us! Internet Health Report in German to launch at Wikimedia Germany event in Berlin

By Kasia Odrozek | May 29, 2019 | Internet Health Report


On June 4 we will launch the Internet Health Report in German as part of a one-day workshop hosted and organized by Wikimedia Germany to debate the future of the open internet with a select group of people from local civil society, education and research communities in Berlin.

We’ll discuss questions around boosting trust in online information and the potential for empowerment through digital literacy on individual, community and systemic levels.

If you’re in Berlin on Tuesday, June 4 (10.00 – 16.30) we’d love to welcome you to join the discussion at a beautiful location in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

After a short celebration of the German translation of the report, participants will join two out of three workshop tracks:

  1. Digital literacies: How do people use the open internet?

In this track, we’ll focus on use of the open Internet as a foundation for democratic participation. We’ll reflect on what’s there already and what needs to be done. Which projects, approaches and institutions do we need and how can we generate interest in digital literacy?

2.Public-interest tech and the open internet – the new power of digitized cities.

Technological change and urbanisation are two megatrends that define the 21st century. Yet, we still have work to do to understand how these go together, can be geared to amplify positive change, and impact our decision-making capabilities. This track will explore the potential of cities to boost citizen trust in digital transformations.

  1. The open internet and frameworks for building trust in information.

A lot of (new) internet regulations are currently being proposed and implemented in many contexts. In this track we’ll discuss paths to re-establishing trust in information through institutions. Which frameworks do we need to reach consensus on what is true or not? Do politics help or damage this process?

We’ll have some cool Internet Health Report swag for you. A fun surprise to help us capture the outcomes of our conversations is part of the plan for the day. As they say: come for the fun, stay for the debate. Or the other way around. You won’t regret it either way.

The event will take place in German.

Let’s work out our open future together!

What: A workshop day by Mozilla and Wikimedia Germany

When: Tuesday, 4 June 2019, 10.00 – 16.30 Uhr

Where: Atelier Bechstein, Prinzenstraße 84, 10969 Berlin-Kreuzberg

If you’d like join us on Tuesday, send an email to and/or