Request for Proposals: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant


By Mozilla | Oct. 2, 2020

In June, Mitchell Baker shared a post that outlined areas of organizational change where Mozilla could do our part to help address systemic injustice spurred by recent events in the United States. In it she noted that, “Change is required. That change involves all of us. It’s not immediately clear all the actions an organization like Mozilla should take, but it’s clear action is required.“

And, while Mozilla has been working for years to improve in the area of diversity, equity and inclusion, this year these efforts feel particularly urgent.

Over the past five years, Mozilla Foundation has been focused on increasing diversity, equity and inclusion in staffing and programs. We have made good progress in some areas, and very little in others.

It is against this backdrop that we are requesting proposals for an outstanding diversity, equity and inclusion consultant(s) to help devise and implement policies, practices, programs and organizational behaviours that foster authentic diversity, equity and inclusion within Mozilla Foundation and help us develop the next phase of our work in this area. We encourage consultancies that are BIPOC-led and -owned to apply.

We are seeking a consultant to guide leadership, management, and staff through the process of developing a consolidated diversity, equity and inclusion plan that is both internal and outward-facing. The successful applicant(s) will act as a consultant and partner with Mozilla Foundation’s Executive Director, as well as staff and board Diversity and Inclusion Committees.

Proposals can be submitted to on or before October 31, 2020.