The 2019 Internet Health Report – What’s Inside

By Sydette | April 24, 2019 | Internet Health Report


We are so excited to be releasing the 2019 Internet Health Report!

Starting in 2017,  Mozilla wanted to engage a community of digital thinkers in a conversation about how “healthy” our online life was. . There was a general sense of unease with how the internet was evolving; stories emerging of surveillance, privacy being violated, and a lack of transparency at odds with the founding principles of the web. At the same time, the web was enabling positive transformation and high impact work for good. With the Internet Health Report we wanted to contextualize these stories, and provide an access point to the conversation around Internet Health. With over 30 articles the Internet Health Report is a comprehensive resource you can come back to throughout the year. That said, here’s our guide to diving right in and understanding the layout of the report.!

Our sneak preview is an excellent primer on the basics of our categorization of internet health.

This year’s report covers five key internet health themes: Decentralization, Digital Inclusion, Openness, Privacy & Security, and Web Literacy. Scan our sneak preview for a summary of these issues and key findings related to them. Over the next few days, watch this space; we’ll be highlighting one section daily, featuring pieces from the report, as well as news that relates to the theme of the section.

If you’re still unsure of where to dive in, this year we’ve invited people from the Internet Health movement to curate lists of their must read articles .

Most importantly, we’d love to start a conversation with you, surfacing the questions, stories, experiences and feedback that the IHR inspires for you. At the end of each section is a question we’re hoping you’ll engage with sharing the questions, feedback , and experiences that the Internet Health Report inspires for you.

As well we are looking to take this discussion into creating more connections and pieces around the issues of Internet Health in the upcoming months, so look for us to revisit this work and your feedback.

A healthy Internet connects us to what we need. The Internet Health Report is one of our contributions to that conversation and we are excited to receive yours.