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How To Say Sorry

Watson is mostly a really good dog. Except when he steals his brother’s chewy. Good thing Watson knows how to say he is sorry. Prepare for your heart to melt. Via Twitter

More Puppies Please

Watson the mostly good dog might have started a trend of cute puppies resting their heads on things. You must see all these cute pups with oh-so-heavy heads. Via Twitter

Battle Of The Buns

Wacky curators at the Yorkshire Museum in England challenged their counterparts around the world to a battle of the best bum art. From statuesque heinies made of marble to fuzzy bee butts, museums are really proud of their rump collections. Via Bored Panda

Roller Derby Nails It

As sports struggle to safely get back in action amid the global pandemic, women’s roller derby is leading the way. They pulled together scientific experts within the sport and came up with a comprehensive plan experts say all sports should follow. Via Wired

Video Game Sanity

More and more people are playing video games as they shelter at home as a way to stay sane. Gamers point out how to-do list driven games like Animal Crossing help us feel like we’ve accomplished something good, in a world that can often feel bad. Via OneZero on Medium

Phone Tracking Explained

Our smartphones know a whole lot about us and share that data with companies we’ve never heard of. Vox breaks down how trackers in our phones work and how that data is shared to map everything from COVID-19 outbreaks to BLM protester movements. Via Vox

Future of Medicine

Healthcare in the future will involve a lot more tech. Robots, drones, surveillance apps and artificial intelligence have all become more prevalent during the coronavirus pandemic. Experts say they are likely here to stay. What does that mean for us? Via ZDNET

Is There A New Normal?

Quartz asked experts in fields ranging from tech, food, art, business and more how the coronavirus will change the next 5 years. Answers ran the gamut from “people will be willing to try new things” to “we’ll settle back into our patterns.” It’s a fascinating read. Via Quartz

No Good App For That

Countries all over the world rushed out coronavirus-tracing apps to track and halt the spread of COVID-19. Serious privacy complaints soon followed and now many of those apps have been put on hold. Where does that leave contact tracing? Good question. Via NY Times

Facebook Fails Audit

Facebook commissioned an audit of its own civil rights impact. Looking at actions by Facebook over the last two years, auditors found the platform guilty of letting misinformation and hate speech thrive. Question is, will Mark Zuckerberg do anything? Via CNN

Facebook Fails Meeting

Organizers of the #StopHateForProfit Facebook advertiser boycott met with Zuckerberg, Sandberg and other execs this week. They called the meeting disappointing because Facebook failed to commit to anything concrete to address its hate speech and misinformation problems. Via The Guardian

Pinning Discrimination Down

Two Black women have come forward with their experiences of discrimination while working for Pinterest. Their stories show the ugly, insidious face of racism and sexism in the tech industry and the toll it takes on a personal level. Via Washington Post

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