Weekly Mozilla News Beat, July 24, 2020 — Everything is Awesome Special Edition


By Mozilla | July 24, 2020 | Moz News Beat

Mozilla News Beat -- Everything is Awesome Edition

This week’s Mozilla News Beat is awesome news only. We felt with so much hard news in the world these days we could all use some good news. Enjoy!

Penguins & Bubbles!

Zookeepers in Cornwall, England noticed their penguins seemed bored when humans could no longer visit because of the pandemic. So, a zoo patron bought the penguins a bubble machine. Now we are all blessed with video of penguins playing with bubbles! Via Good News Network

Mother’s Bond

A new mom and her infant son visited the orangutans at a zoo in Vienna, Austria when one female orangutan who had suffered the stillbirth of her own baby shared a touching moment between mothers. Human dad captured it on video. Get your tissues ready. Via Daily Mail

Beautiful Life

Winners of the 13th Annual iPhone Photography Awards were announced this week and holy cow, the beauty captured on phones around the world is breathtaking. Never forget, our world is gorgeous. Via Mashable

When Life Gives You Lemons

It wouldn't be summertime without that cute lemonade stand run by kids down the street. The coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on the smallest of businesses, so lemonade-maker Country Time stepped in with $100 prizes to help these young entrepreneurs stay afloat. Via Optimist Daily

Up in Smoke

A British charity that tracks smokers in the UK found over one million people have quit smoking since the coronavirus pandemic struck. Healthy lungs FTW! Via BBC

Superman Builds a PC

When he’s not being Superman or killing monsters as a Witcher, hunky actor Henry Cavill is an avid PC gamer who used some quarantine downtime to build his own gaming PC, in a tank top, on Instagram. In his own words, “Viewer discretion is advised.” Via The Verge

Let It All Out

Is there any problem Iceland can’t solve? This time they are helping the world relax with an app that lets users release a pandemic-fueled scream. That scream will then be broadcast on speakers in the Icelandic wilderness. Thank you Iceland, you get me. Via NPR

Feeling Calmer Already

A new TV series is in the works based on the popular meditation app Calm. The likes of Idris Elba, Lucy Liu, and Keanu Reeves will read calming stories while “mesmeric imagery” plays. Short of a coronavirus vaccine, this is just what the world needs right now! Via Gizmodo

We’re All Scientists Now

When people entered lockdown due to the pandemic, regular folks around the world fought boredom by becoming citizen scientists. Scientists who rely on crowdsourced data from the public say they’ve seen huge upticks in data submissions. It’s something we can all do! Via Positive News

Moonshine Gone Legit

Moonshine has long been illegal alcohol with a shady past in both the US and Europe. Especially popular in the Appalachian region of the US, moonshine is going legit and bringing its captivating history and stories with it. Via Bitter Southerner

Lost & Found Island

One creative police officer in Taiwan went above and beyond the call of duty to return a lost Nintendo Switch to its owner thanks to Animal Crossing: New Horizons and its virtual postal service. Via South China Morning Post

Better Than Shark Week

Gizmodo declared this week Good Boy Week! They did a whole series of stories on cats, dogs, and even a hedgehog and what makes “the very best boys and girls in the realms of technology, science and science fiction.” Via Gizmodo

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